What is Psychological Flexibility, and why is it the #1 tool every farmer needs?

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As a farmer, wife, mum (and human being), learning and strengthening my psychological flexibility have become the most essential skills in my toolbox.

For me, it is about creating space for regular daily practices – e.g., mindful breathing or just bringing awareness to my daily habits (having a shower with awareness); being more open and learning to skillfully relate to challenging feelings – anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, disappointment – they are all going to show up whether I want them there…

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Lessons from the Shearing Shed

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Shearing Wisdom: Life lessons from the shearing shed

It's the eve of our final day of shearing, and it feels like we have been shearing forever, even if it's just been a month (with a week and a few days off here and there). For us, shearing is all hands on deck. My roles vary from getting sheep in, helping drafting (my 9 year old is a gun drafter), roustabouting, and probably the most important one - making sure everyone is fed. When I was working full time as a psychologist, I used to daydrea…

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Let's talk about alcohol

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Which makes me realise. If I find it hard to say no at these events, and I don't consider that I "have a problem with alcohol", how incredibly hard is it for those of us in our communities that have realised that not drinking isn't just an option for them, but has to be a necessary choice? How hard is it for those in our communities who are struggling with their mental health and find alcohol to be a helpful short-term solution, but know that in the long term it is doing harm to themselves, thei…

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Surrender - The Power of Giving Over To




 - Sometimes it seems like a dirty word, but I think it is one of the most powerful things we can do.

Note: This is an edited copy of a blog I first wrote in early 2021. Here again in 2023, Surrender is a lesson I continue to learn and relearn, every.single.day.  

Surrender is my Word of the Year for 2023. It is something I believe in…

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A few secrets from my daily life

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I'm a psychologist and a mental health advocate, and I want to let you in on a few secrets.

I don't do 30 minutes of exercise daily;

I don't practice 20 minutes of mindfulness daily;

I don't set an intention or affirmation for the day before I mindfully get myself out of bed, journal for 20 minutes, and approach the day with a smile on my face - every day;

I do get angry

I do yell

I do get sad

I do cry

I do get overwhelmed

and yes, I absolutely get frustrated, disappointed, regretful, a…

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