Steph Schmidt

Changing the picture of farmer mental health

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As a farmer, psychologist, farm wife and mum - 

I'm changing the picture of farmer mental health in Australia. 

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Farming can be incredibly tough but it can also be incredibly rewarding. We manage unpredictability, uncertainty, weather, financial and job pressures. 

But most of the time we don't do it alone. 

There are over 87,000 farming families in Australia, so successful farming is just as much about managing the relationships we have as it is about the crops we sow or the livestock we raise.

As farmers, male and female, as well as those supporting farmers and agribusinesses - I belive we can all take small steps every day to care for our wellbeing so that we can thrive even during times of adversity.

Here are some kind words from others:

Steph Schmidt: Farm Life Psych

“"Great session. Steph was extremely relatable, easy to
understand and real. I loved her visuals and they interactive
way she presented the workshop. Thank you!"”

Steph Schmidt: Farm Life Psych

“Steph was engaging and authentic, and
the audience was left with practical tools they could use to
enhance their self-leadership. Steph shows a deep
knowledge of the agriculture and rural sectors and has a
natural affinity with people that draws them to pay

Facilitator, Drought Leaders Resilience Program

Steph Schmidt: Farm Life Psych

“"Steph has a powerful presence, she instantly brings a sense
of calm and purpose to a space. I loved having her as a
speaker, the impact and results of her session were a
highlight for attendees.”

Business Coach, Tori Kopke

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