Surrender & Embrace

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Welcome to 'Surrender & Embrace,' an empowering 6-month coaching program crafted exclusively for farming women, guided by Farm Life Psychologist Steph Schmidt.

In this intimate, transformational journey, you'll unlock the ability to overcome obstacles, reconnect with your core values, and take purposeful steps towards a more fulfilling life.

This program empowers you to embrace challenging emotions, elevate your well-being, and enrich your relationships. Get ready to transform your farm, family, and life with me

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Hi! I’m Steph Schmidt, The Farm Life Psychologist. 
I'm a farmer, psychologist, wife and mum.

I'm here to help you to find joy in the juggle of farm, family and life. As a fellow juggler, I know just how hard it can be to find YOU in the busy. 

When YOU do well, everyone around you will do well too.


Group Coaching Sessions


Just You

1:1 sessions, plus Voxer support

Ready to embrace the juggle?

Redefine your own wellbeing, strengthen your foundations

Only 10 Members MAX
Voxer Support
1:1 90 minute session upon intake
Self-paced framework
Weekly Check-In to help you stay on track
Monthly Masterclass - 1st Wednesday of the month, 12:30pm SA time
Monthly Cuppa on the Couch Group Coaching Sessions - 3rd Wednesday of the month, 10.30am SA time


2x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions to be used over the 6 months

Your Time is Precious

Fortnightly Group Sessions focused on learning, connection, and growth.  

1:1 Tailored coaching sessions with Steph Schmidt  

Support as you need it

Get Steph in your pocket. Voice Message (voxer) for support, accountability, goal achievement and epic cheerleading