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Sharing my own personal story, together with accessible tools for managing our mental health is something I'm deeply passionate about. 

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Ducks on the Pond - Dealing with Stress

A three-part collaboration with Kirsten Diprose and Ducks on the Pond Podcast, focusing on Dealing with Stress. This series provides valuable insights into the reality of stress in farming life, and practical strategies to manage it. 

Episode 1: Navigating Stress

What does stress look like, when is it stress and when do you need to get more help?

Episode 2: Sorting yourself out

The power of small steps: navigating and managing stress at an individual level

Episode 3: Stress in relationships

Navigating stress in relationships: Connecting and supporting during stressful times

Change The Picture 2023 Campaign

Change The Picture Campaign focused on redefining the sterotypical images of farmer mental health. Over 50 women in farming across Australia shared their snapshots of what farmer mental health looks like to them, both the struggles and the joys.  

Change The Picture Website

Watch the segments aired to national TV with The Morning Show on Seven, and ABC Landline

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Me + Motherhood

Sharing my motherhood story with Benita Bensch

“Our challenges now will be their strengths in the future”

Life on the Land

Mental health in the bush has long been a topic of conversation, and it seems we are becoming more aware of the particular challenges of the idea, but are things changing quickly enough and is enough being done in rural Australia to help those most at risk?

Originally from the city of Adelaide in South Australia, Steph Schmidt has become a brilliant advocate for changing the narrative and redefining the picture of farming mental health. After overcoming her own setbacks when she moved to the country back in 2011.

Grain Growers Article

Starting conversations about mental health | Steph Schmidt

From breaking down barriers to driving positive change that shapes our grains industry, International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of the incredible women in grains!
Steph Schmidt from South Australia is investing in women and accelerating the progress of the ag industry through the lens of mental health awareness.

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