Speaker, Psychologist, Facilitator for
Farmer Mental Health:
Empowering rural Australia to  thrive 

Farming life is full of uncertainty and unpredictability, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. 

When we learn to relate differently to the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that show up day to day, we create space to choose to take action based on what's truly important to us.

As a farmer, farm wife and mum, I know first-hand just how challenging it can be to navigate the juggle of farm, family and life. 

I also know just how beneficial it can be for my family, my farm, our business - and most importantly ME - when I take the time to prioritise and care for my own wellbeing.

Let's work together to improve farmer mental health and wellbeing

Farming Mental Health 
For Agribusinesses and Communities

Farmer Mental Health Keynote SpeakEr

Psychological Flexibility Training

Providing accessible mental health skills to rural Australia 

Psychological Flexibility skills can be accessible and usable by everyone. When we begin to strengthen our skills in Psychological Flexibility (in a nutshell - being able to be present in this moment right now, and adapt to challenging situations, choosing to take valued action) we  improve our wellbeing, strengthen our mental health, increase our ability to manage stress, and improve our relationships. 

I would love to chat with you today about how I can help you.

ACT for Ag - FarmFlex Training

Psychological Flexibility training for agribusinesses and communities

Farming mental health needs to move beyond awareness raising.

In these engaging and interactive workshops, Steph intertwines her knowledge as a psychologist and lived experience of farming life to provide practical and accessible tools to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Psychological Flexibility provides the skills needed to navigate uncertainty and choose valued actions even during times of stress.

Discover practical strategies to navigate challenges, adapt to change, and foster mental wellbeing.

Empower your team or community with the skills needed to thrive personally and professionally.

Delivery Options

30-60 minute Foundation Session to give your team practical and applicable foundations to strengthen their mental health and wellbeing (Delivered online - the perfect Lunch'n'Learn Session)

2.5 Hour FarmFlex Training
This workshop provides an accessible explanation of why our brain does what it does, particularly during times of stress. Participants are introduced to "The Noticing Map", a tool to build flexibility and choose valued actions even in challenging situations. I engage the audience to create their own personal map, and also facilitate interactive participation. The workshop also focuses on "Share it to Learn it", providing practice and education for participants with a framework to guide challenging conversations.


Keynote Speaker - Farming Mental Health

Bringing my unique perspective as a farmer AND a psychologist, to your Agricultural Event

When you invite me to join you at your next event, you're not just addressing mental health awareness—you're embracing an experience that resonates deeply with the realities of farming life. My presentations go beyond conventional talks, offering a profound connection to the land and the mental health challenges and rewards faced by those living the life, every day.

Why Invite Me as Your Keynote Speaker?

As a farmer, psychologist, farm wife, and mother, I bring a uniquely authentic perspective to the stage. I am committed to delivering not just stories, but strategies—real, actionable insights that your attendees can apply directly to their lives and work.

My approach ensures that participants leave not only inspired but  equipped with practical tools to manage and improve their mental wellbeing.

Engage with a Speaker Who Understands the Highs and Lows of Farm Life

My sessions are designed to be engaging and heartfelt, reflecting my personal journey through the complexities of farm life and mental health. I discuss the highs and lows with candor and empathy, offering a space for reflection and growth.

Key Topics Tailored to Your Needs:

  • It's the AND - Explore both the struggles and joys of farming life, providing a balanced perspective that fosters resilience and hope.
  • Change The Picture - Challenge and redefine the common perceptions of farmer mental health, encouraging a new, positive outlook among your community.
  • Surrender & Embrace - Follow my transformation from city life to farm living, discovering the profound lessons in embracing change and navigating the unique challenges of motherhood, farming, and personal growth.

Create a Lasting Impact at Your Next Event

Each story shared is a lesson learned. Together, we can cultivate a more understanding and proactive approach to mental health in the farming community.

Contact me today to bring this vital conversation to your next event and make a lasting difference in the lives of your attendees.